Correct me if I’ve interpreted this incorrectly but I’m just trying to get a grip of what you’re suggesting.

And I’m paraphrasing and simplifying here. You’ve suggested that if Facebook opens up it’s platform, it would allow anyone to create a custom feed with any type of rich content for it’s users to consume. If this is correct, with my understanding of how all of that works, nothing significant would be achieved.

There would be feeds controlled by various companies/people/curators that each user could choose from, right? Doesn’t this just become an extra layer on top of what Web 2.0 already is? These feeds would just imitate news sites/blogs and a feature that Facebook already has i.e. Pages. The only thing it would be doing is giving Pages/Sites/Companies a new and improved RSS feed type of thing and encouraging users to ‘follow’ theirs… That doesn’t resolve the issues related to users being in a political/social bubble of their own choosing. This is not drastically different to the current Facebook environment. Sure the algorithm controls what you see but what you see is still dependent on your interaction with certain content. Turning the Feed into a platform would still allow political ads and it will still allow people to explicitly put themselves into a bubble, rather than implicitly through Facebook's algorithm.

I know you made more points than the one I chose to have a discussion about, but I’d like your opinion on my thoughts. Is this a correct interpretation of what you’re suggesting?


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