Fantastic piece though I had a comment about this section. I think there’s a difference between being definitive about your abilities vs. being definitive about who you are.

Abilities like being good with people or networking can be improved, molded, and will likely change. But I think the concept of the self, although changing, stays relatively the same.

I think we’re all wired a certain way at birth, and although we have layers and layers of things we do, the way we operate, and other behaviors — I think the self, for lack of a better term, is unchangeable.

I think people struggle to understand who they are and have shifting ideas about who they are, and in that case, yes, do not be definitive. But if you’re confident of who you are, hold on to that.

Keep that strong sense of self, understand that that’s how your brain works, and use that to transform into the best version of yourself regarding abilities, habits, etc.

Thanks for writing such extensive and beautiful articles,



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