Hey, excellent point! I do think there are a lot of people who operate that way. I think it’s quite normal but I don’t think it’s anything unavoidable. The problem with taking a day and that day turning into a week is procrastination and wavering discipline.

Turning off completely and turning back on is a real skill to master, I think if you do it enough times successfully, it’ll just become a habit. I’m actually more motivated to start something back up after taking a break.

When you’re working and you don’t show up on a Monday you may get fired, but when you’re working for yourself and don’t turn up on time, you’re letting your project slip, your chance at success weaken, your work ethic go down the drain.

And when you do turn up, you get that one step closer to real success. You’re working for you, and likewise should really flip the switch and understand that what you do is all for you, so why not give yourself the best chance? Set an alarm for ‘back-to-work’ day. Have a clear thing that you’re going to start back up with that day. And don’t feel guilty, everyone slips up, but if you slip up less and less, that’s amazing.

Best of luck!


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