I somewhat agree with what you’re saying as it’s almost undeniable that focusing on one thing will allow you to do just that, focus. Though I’m not sure about leaving passions and things you enjoy on the table, in an effort to be successful.

From the angle you’re coming from, it seems as though you’re advocating specialisation. Which of course is understandable if you want to be really good at one thing. Though people like Tim Ferris frequently advocate the pros of being a generalist. We can all agree that Ferris is the definition of generalist and definitely doesn’t only do one thing, yet he’s so successful.

Continuing with using Ferris as an example, he frequently talks about splitting his goals into things he’s interested in, and pursuing them over 6 month as well as frequent ‘experiments’ he does in 2 weeks. You can say he’s only doing that one thing for that period of time, but he’s definitely not leaving things on the table. Prioritising maybe, but he isn’t just throwing away these things in the pursuit of becoming say, only an investor.

I could say the same thing about multiple successful people.

I definitely agree that focus is key and multitasking can be detrimental. Though my final thought is that it is absolutely OK and even beneficial for people to pursue multiple things at a time. The skills learnt, in many circumstances, become invaluable to the pursuant. It makes sense looking back.

A great write up nonetheless. I do love your work Tim.


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