My 9 Fundamental Truths of Life and Happiness

These truths are mine.

I believe them to be yours as well.

Like most things, they are up for debate.

1 You, your loved ones, any one you have ever known, or will ever know, will die.

2 Happiness isn’t a constant state, it is a temporary and variable state, this shouldn’t be feared, this should be celebrated.

3 Contentment and appreciation are infinitely longer lasting than happiness.

4 ‘Goal’ is defined as the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. You may have a great many goals or you may have one. Things like fulfillment, contentment and other states of mind are not the goals, they are a result of achieving your goals. Therefore, happiness cannot be the end goal, it is merely a result of achieving a personal goal. Therefore having happiness as a goal is an unfortunate paradox, where the pursuit will leave an individual unable to achieve it.

5 The universe isn’t watching you. The universe doesn’t care about your wins, and it doesn’t care about your failures. The universe is stupendously large, and you are mindbogglingly small. So dance like no one is watching, because no one is.

6 People are more concerned about themselves and their interests, than you or your failures. The only reason why judgement exists is because of the fear a person feels. Therefore any person who criticizes your aspirations, failures or way of life is doing so selfishly and out of some sort of fear embodied within them as any one of jealousy, self validation or ego. You will either see this as a reflection of who your are or a reflection of who they are.

7 You absorb inputs through your senses in the form of — sound, light, touch etc. this gets processed into thoughts and actions. You do not have absolute control over these inputs, but the thoughts, the actions, the processing that happens in your mind... This, you have the potential for absolute control over.

8 Your worth is entirely subjective. You can be worth $60k a year to your employer, worthless to yourself, and priceless to your parents at the same time. Therefore if you are the subject, then your worth is entirely dependent on your own opinion of yourself.

9 Rules with no enforcement or negligible consequences are not real rules and should be broken at your convenience.

So don’t focus on being happy. Realise that you need to find fulfillment in other places, throw some shit at the wall and see what sticks. The fulfillment you find will make you feel content and the happiness will follow. Realise that this fulfillment could be anything and that whatever it is, you should pursue it. Because the universe doesn’t care, and anyone who looks down upon you and your choices is doing so for selfish reasons. When you hit roadblocks or slumps, realise that just like happiness, pain is also temporary.

Remember that the pain you feel is real, but your reactions, thoughts and feelings are entirely up to you. Rub off any value of your worth that someone’s stamped on you, because your worth is up to you. Tattoo it on yourself. Spoiler alert, its a horizontal number eight.

Break some rules and don’t forget, relative to the universe, you’re going to be dead very soon… best get a move on friend.

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Sah out.

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