Sometimes, you just need to stop writing.

Sah Kilic
3 min readDec 18, 2022
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Writing, as a concept, was invented to convey.

From carvings on cave walls to ancient languages on tablets to ink on parchments and photons coming out of your screen — the primary purpose was record-keeping.

Something would happen. That thing would yield helpful information. And that information would be the thing you record; that’s writing.

I find it hilarious to think of a caveman having a “Wall-Carving Block.”

And the reason a pre-historic human wouldn’t have writer’s block is that they very clearly had something to write about.

To have something to write about, we need to stop writing and do something instead.

Let’s all agree right now that writing about “nothing” sucks; this isn’t Seinfeld.

Doing something is the easiest way to learn that thing, and writing about something you’ve learned is the easiest way to write.

A full-time blogger is a hilarious title if we assume a full-time blogger sits at their desk all day writing.

Whether fiction or non-fiction, great writers draw from the relationships, experiences, and learnings they get from the real world.

When you type at your desk, you’re drawing on a box that has a finite amount of stuff in…



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