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That’s a hard one. If you know that you want to make a difference to people in their vulnerable times, and you’re moving towards that with what you’re doing now, it’s ok and expected that you’ll come across hard and grueling times.

I think, you can work towards the goal in comfort knowing that there isn’t only one way to get there. If you feel that you aren’t learning as much as you should be, or it doesn’t feel like you’re moving closer, or you think there’s a better way to get there, I’d definitely look at that option instead.
Sometimes, you need to get out of your head. Try journaling your current experience. Every day or every other day, write a paragraph about what you did today, thoughts you had, and make sure you’re following your own personal feedback loop — You take an action, a result occurs, and you assess that result. Then rinse and repeat, with an action aimed at making the result better.

Another thing is understanding the difference between logical reconsideration, and second guessing yourself. If you make a decision and nothing about the core of that decision changes, but you’re second guessing yourself, that’s bad and you should stick it out. But if new information is introduced like the fact that it’s harder than you thought, you’re miserable, maybe a few other things; then there should be no guilt in reconsidering. It’s only logical that you would, it’s definitely not you second guessing yourself :)

I’m actually in the process of writing an article to show people a practical way I break down my goals and make sure I achieve them. Hopefully it’s of some help to you too, be on the look out :)

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I talk so much, I figured I should write some of it down. Level up with me: 💪

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