The Legend Of The Unicycle Guy

Going back to the beginning of this year, I started working at my current job. One day about 2 weeks in, my manager jolted up from his chair looking out the window that spans the entire office, turned around and yelled - “UNICYCLE GUUUY, EVERYOOONNE, UNICYCLE GUY’S OUTSIDE!!!” The whole office ran to the window and started cheering and laughing and smiling. Unknown to me, this man would from time to time come up from the top of the street, and unicycle his way down the street. Not only is this street downhill… he’s uni-cycling while spinning 2–3 hula hoops in one hand, and a Pom Pom in the other! This guy had made my day, and made the day of everyone in the office. This became the first day that I started Snapchatting him from my office window.

That was 10 months ago. Since then I kept snapping him when I could and he quickly became a legend in my Snapchat stories. People would come up to me and say “Oh my god! That guy on the unicycle is the greatest!” - I’d constantly be getting messages left, right and center about the guy. Not only was this guy making my day, but he was making the day of all of my friends! I knew I had to talk to him. The problem was, I was on the second floor and he was too quick when we saw him.

There were many failed attempts at catching him. My Snapchat started filling up with me running down 2 flights of stairs and missing the guy when I finally got down. But this week was different. The COO was in a meeting around midday, two days ago. We hear a loud knock and I look over to see him pointing with excitement to the road from the other room. This room faces up the street. We quickly run to the window and there he is, unicycle guy, coming up the street and he’s quite a bit away thanks to the early spot. Everyone’s getting up to watch him. The moment of realisation hits me like a ton of unicycles. I start yelling, “OH MY GOD, I can get him this time!!” I run through the office, dodge chairs, parkour over some desks, slay a dragon and fly down the stairs. There! Across the street! He’s just about to start and I yell again, “WAIIIITT!!!!”. He stops and smiles, he waits. I run towards him and ask if I can film. He says sure! He’s an older gentleman and through huffs and puffs I’m trying to tell him that he’s amazing. I let him know that he had an audience. I point to the building, that has semi tinted windows. You can see the shadows of the entire office waving. He says “wooow!”. I tell him that I’ve been filming his awesomeness and that he brings so much joy to the office, to my friends. He gets teary and you can tell he’s so thankful and so happy. I ask him his name, he says Leon. I thank Leon and we talk for a while about origins and interests and life... But then, I realise… I’m standing in the way of what Leon is doing, what he’s meant to do. He has boxing gloves today. He jumps on his unicycle, puts on his gloves and says goodbye with a grin that only a truly happy man could ever have the privileged of expressing. As I film him live for my friends, I see him air boxing and uni-cycling down the hill off into a metaphorical sunset. I raise a thumbs up to my colleagues watching me from the office across the road. I shed a single tear.

Leon The Unicycle Guy

That day, The Unicycle Guy became Leon, and Leon knew he was loved.

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