Update Old Content, Get A Boost.

You’ve got 30,000 extra views sitting on your blog.

Sah Kilic
3 min readJan 13


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Old articles are Gold Articles™️. If you’ve ever written a blog post, ultimate guide, or time-specific piece of content, all the thought you’ve put into it was before posting; hell, you’ve probably forgotten about it two weeks after hitting publish — and this makes sense.

The promise with online content is that you create something once, and it pays dividends forever. But that means we only unlock half the value.
When we create and forget, we miss out on meteoric opportunities.

Think about it.

  • Authors write revised editions of their books.
  • Teachers update their course material.
  • Top dogs don’t stay at the top by resting on their laurels

Last year, an old article of mine was getting 300–400 hits a month. The article was about the top blogging platforms of 2020, and it was a great success at the time.

Pre-Update: December Views (at Month-End)

All that helpful information was still relevant today, and that’s why it’d still get 300 to 400 views, but so much had changed. Ghost, Substack, Medium, and WordPress have added so many features, updated their focus, and come so far since then — this is why my article needed an update.

And after publishing those updates on January 2, 2023, it’s not even mid-month yet,, and the article has already got 314 views in 12 days.

Post-Update: January Views (As of the 12th)

If I extrapolate this to the rest of the year linearly, that will be about 4000 extra hits this year. Make these updates to about half a dozen other articles, and you’ve got 20,000 to 40,000 extra hits depending on your article’s peak performance.

And if your funnel is even half-efficient and the numbers are looking good, a lot of money and attention, previously left on the table, is now getting scooped up to fund your creative endeavors.



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